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Production of socks

Bima OOD started its socks production in 1997 in a garage cell with just a single machine at hand to lay the foundations of a future family business.


Production of socks

We can produce for you the socks of your choice:

  • styles and patterns
  • composition and materials
  • packing and labels

It’s your choice!

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Men’s socks
Production of men’s socks – short socks, thermal socks, plain socks, etc.

Ladies’ socks 
Production of ladies’ socks - 3/4, short socks, thermal socks, plain socks, etc.

Teenager socks
ПProduction of wide range of socks for teenagers – thermal socks, thin socks, slipper socks, etc.

Children’s socks
Production of high quality children’s socks


In 2014 BIMA OOD increased its production of socks by 30 percent.

Currently the company is extending its production facilities by 750 meters square. The first stage of this extension of 350 meters square will be completed and commissioned by the end of 2015. We are planning to upgrade our production machinery, thus increasing considerably our output. We have already achieved our objective to sell our products on the European market. For two years now BIMA OOD has been exporting its products to the EU countries. At present we are expanding our production capacity in order to meet the growing demand for our products and the increasing number of orders from EU countries. In September 2014 we put in operation nine all-new sock producing machines. Now that we have nine new sock producing machines in operation, we can manufacture 200 to 250 thousand pairs of socks per month.

BIMA OOD developed and has been producing for two years now the following items for the European market:

  • 100% cotton socks
  • Socks for clean rooms
  • Disposable socks
  • Sock for industrial purposes

Currently the company is developing new products designed for medical purposes and produced on circular knitting machines.